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 A little about me

My name is Caitlin Leigh and I am a Life Coach, writer of magic and a lover of the universe. After enduring addictions and a multi-faceted eating disorder for over 14 years, I was given the opportunity to enter treatment. I have been recovered for over 4 years and I have continued to heal through creative expression, solitude, travel, and reconnecting with nature. I have a background in Human Development and Family Studies as well as Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Ecopsychology and Life Coaching. I experience my greatest joy through connection and inspiring others to live their most empowering life as well as time spent in nature.

You are beauty.



To accept. To honor. To empower. To nurture. To hold space. To allow all beings to be exactly as they are so they may experience the totality of their essence and share it with our beautiful world.

You are love.

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We are born human; vibrant, pure, loving, innocent, sensitive, vulnerable beings. None of this ever changes, perhaps our experiences may modify our outlook, but at the essence of our beings we are all love. And we are so so worthy of love. And just by simply being, we light up this vast infinite universe. Our presence is invaluable. Our energy is contagious. Our hearts are connected. Our essence is transparent. We are impregnated with the divine.

Let us help one another show up, to share our radiant authentic selves with our world. I am committed to honoring the divine within so as to honor the divine within all.  I am committed to holding space for every individual who knocks on my door. I am committed to being authentic (learning) in all of my interactions so as to allow others to unfold in their own creative processes. I am committed to empowering all while honoring the sacredness of each individual's journey.  

Our world needs more of you.


M.A. Transpersonal Psychology

Certified Assertiveness Coach & Life Coaching Certification

Author of Just Passing Through, Hollow Bone & Breath of Water

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master

Ecopsychology Certification

Author, Writer, Artist, Speaker, Life Coach

Lifelong student & teacher


Photos by: Cody Benally